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We provide a video streaming platform specifically designed to meet the needs of churches. Our goal is to make sure your streaming experience is pleasant while also providing all the features you may need.

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Live Church Streaming Embed Example

Embed in Any Website

Viewers can watch ad-free live and archived services on your own web site
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Apple TV & Roku Channel

Your custom channel listed in the Religion and Spirituality category on Apple TV and Roku
Live Church Streaming Viewer Mapping

Viewer Mapping

Detailed event statistics showing viewer location, duration watched, device, and more
Live Church Streaming Device Examples

Watch on All Devices

Watch live and archives on all devices: Web, iOS, Android, and Roku
Unlimited Church Streaming

Unlimited Streaming

Flat-rate unlimited live events and archive views – never any overage charges
Church Video Replays

Automatic Archiving

Your live stream is automatically recorded and the replay is posted for viewing within 7 minutes
Ad Free Church Streaming

No Ads/No Contracts

No advertising or branding. It’s our job to earn your business each month – never any contracts
Church Streaming Free Trial

30 Day Trial/Free Setup

Enroll in our full functionality trial and test drive all features – complimentary setup included!
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Broadcasting with churchstreaming.tv is as easy as 1,2,3...

Capture Audio & Video

streaming step oneConnect a camera and sound system to a computer with a capture device or directly to a streaming device.streaming box

Encode & Transmit

streaming step twoTransmit the video and audio stream to churchstreaming.tv using a PC, Mac, iPad, or streaming device.streaming computer box


streaming step threeWatch live video and archives from your web site, mobile app, podcast, or custom Roku channel.mobile video

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