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Choosing a Live Streaming Platform for Church – Customer Support

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When choosing a live streaming platform for your church there are many important factors to consider.  In this post the focus will be on Customer Support.

customer supportYour viewers rely on your live stream to be on time and uninterrupted each week. Pricing and features do not matter if your stream has a problem and you can’t get it back online.  There are a lot of moving parts with live streaming – all of which can fail at any time. The stream starts at your computer or hardware encoder.  Then it travels through your internet providers network.  It then arrives at your live streaming platform where it is then sent over multiple networks to your viewers.  Throughout this workflow you are depending on your staff, your ISP, and your streaming platform to all work correctly.  If something goes wrong, you need someone to help identify where the problem is immediately.

When selecting a provider, verify they have technical support staff that have experience with your type of setup.  Make sure they are familiar with your streaming software or encoder.  Ask them about your particular local networking.  Make sure they are familiar with the type of website (embedding) you have. Confirm they respond quickly – especially on Wednesday night, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays such as Easter and Christmas. During the free trial period (which they should also offer) open a support ticket before or during a live broadcast and start your stopwatch. If you don’t get a response within 5 minutes cross them off the list.  Assuming you do get a fast response, verify they can remote in to your computer using commercial support software and properly diagnose the problem.You will have many other tasks during a live broadcast and need to make sure someone from the service provider is ready the moment you need them.