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Live Stream Audio Settings

church audio mixer

If your church is like most, the joy of your new live stream can be overshadowed by some of the technical challenges that arise.  Your streaming provider should help you with most of these problems, but one that is going to fall on your shoulders is dialing in the audio for the live stream.

What you hear on your live stream and what you hear inside the building may be two completely different qualities.  Your sound tech might have everything set up perfectly and make joyful noise during the service, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into beautiful noise once it has passed through the streaming computer or encoder.  The way that your sound is EQ’d is going to be different than you would EQ it for small laptop speakers.  Herein lies the problem with just pulling an audio out cable from the board to the streaming device or computer.

We have seen churches correct this problem a couple of different ways.  If you are lucky enough that church audio mixeryour sound tech can dial in a feed from the board just for your live stream then it is just a matter of trial and error with the settings while testing during the week.  If your sound is run by a simple board and once a week volunteers, your best bet may be to purchase a small inexpensive sound board that can be used just for live streaming.  You can take your feed from your main board and then adjust it on the fly for your live stream without affecting anything in the church.   You can pick one up for around $100 like this