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Check your cords and cables

church streaming wires

Church Streaming Tip of the Day October 19 2016:

Check your cords and cables every week

Every week we get at least a few support calls because the church’s live stream just won’t work right and they have tried troubleshooting everything….or so they thought.  By the time they contact us the tech team (or in most cases the weekly volunteer) has rebooted all of the devices, checked all of the settings, and even reinstalled programs.  When our support staff asks “Have you checked all of your cables and cords”, we usually get about ten seconds of silence followed by a slightly embarrassed but relieved groan.

All of us who spend our time dealing with the tech side of a church service have become accustomed to software and devices needing maintenance and updates.  We perform those tasks so often that we church streaming wiressometimes forget to look for the simple solutions, particularly when it is equipment that we only use once or twice per week.

When printing out your streaming checklists always make sure to start with “check cables and plugs” to avoid this problem.  Often, the computers or cameras used for live streaming church services are also used in other areas of the church during the week.  Multiple hands may have touched it since last week when you live streamed with it.  Also, we have found it very helpful to use color coded stickers for any cables that are regularly unplugged to help you quickly identify if they are connected in the wrong place.  Just place a small sticker on the end of the cable that matches the color of a small stick on the port of a device that the cable should be connected to.  Then when moving stuff around the staff can just match up the colors and know that everything is connected correctly.


Happy Streaming, and remember to check your cables first!